Written by APES | Automazioni industriali | Padova on September 6, 2013 in News

Apes is the brand that always stands out in the specific market of expertise for the design and manufacturing of “customer-tailored” robotized islands.

Robotized islands are machining areas made up of a set of industrial robots.

The use of these distinct areas of production is widespread in the industrial sector and offers countless advantages, both in terms of economic terms (limiting human intervention and ensuring constant unit production) as well as in terms of production quality (ensuring a precise production technique, totally automated).

Apes: industrial automation systems born to distinguish your production.

The state-of-the-art technology that always distinguishes our brand allows us to offer our customers automatic production lines that, responding to the different customer needs, can be programmed to perform various tasks, ensuring the automated completion of the entire production process.

The areas of our specialization are different but, in particular, the quality of our brand allows us to emerge in the industrial sector aimed at the production of:
• stainless steel sinks for domestic use;
• stainless steel sinks for large kitchens;
• boilers and electric water heaters;
• muffles of electric ovens, gas and microwave ovens;
• dishwashers, washing machines and suction hoods for kitchens.

Finally, in order to offer each customer the right resolution to their needs, our company proposes to design and manufacture special industrial automation systems.

Our products are truly technological discoveries, born to meet specific production needs and built around your personal needs.

Trust our expertise to go safe … choose the Quality Apes.