Special systems for every need and Industry 4.0

Special systems for every need and Industry 4.0

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In order to best satisfy all customer requests, Apes designs and builds machinery for the most varied production sectors. In addition to the standard production of machines for producing sinks, boilers and ovens, we create special systems for the production of any steel product, in particular for the white household appliance sector.

Our company is able to provide customers with customized systems based on specific needs: if we are asked to create a system for wire baskets, washing machines, dishwashers or chassis, we are able to produce them. We also dedicate ourselves to the creation of special systems such as:

  • robotic islands for the production of air conditioners;
  • automatic drum production lines for washing machines;
  • stainless steel dishwasher
  • production islands;
  • automatic fan production lines;
  • kitchen hood assembly and welding islands;
  • automatic press tending transfers, for loading/unloading formats and various sheet metal processing (for example sheet metal lubrication, etc.).

Over the years Apes has produced various special systems dedicated not only to the household appliance sector but also to the automotive sector.

The systems can be created with fully automatic lines or individual production islands, depending on specific needs. The loading/unloading operations of pieces can be performed manually, semi-automatically or automatically.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 revolves around the concept of interconnection. The products must be connected to each other, i.e. exchange information with other internal and external systems through a connection based on documented and universally recognized standards. In industrialization 4.0. Apes also does its part: all the systems that have been sold to our customers in recent years are interconnected and this brings undoubted advantages in terms of speed of assistance. Our technicians can connect, via computer system, to the machines directly remotely, making technical assistance much simpler and faster, with undoubted economic advantages for everyone.

Furthermore, in Apes, the fundamental concepts of Industry 4.0 have also been applied to production because all our production equipment and the various assembly phases are interconnected. In this way we are able to follow the progress and optimization of production during all steps.