Special Machine for Industrial Automation


Special production

To satisfy the different Costumer’s requests, Apes designs and realizes even machineries for many various production sectors. Among them, we can list:  Robotized cells for air-conditioners production, etc. Automatic lines for production of whasing-machines drums Cells for production of stainless steel dish-washing machines Automatic lines for fans production Cells for assembling and welding of kitchens […]

Ovens production

Design and manufacturing of machineries for production of electrical, gas, microwave ovens in carbon or stainless steel. Cavity bending and formation Cavity sport or seam welding Back-on-cavity spot or seam welding Front-cavity flanging Front-on-cavity spot or welding Spot welding of eventual brackets, etc Automatic transfers Other machineries designed on specific Customer’s requirements

Boilers productions

Design and manufacturing of machineries for assembling or welding of water-heater boilers, in carbon or stainless steel, composed of 2 or 3 parts. Cylinder formation Cylinder miniplasma, Mig or resistance,  longitudinal welding Suspension bracket welding on cylinder or dome Pie-hole punching on cylinder or dome Dome-to-cylinder assembling Boiler Mig or miniplasma circumferential welding Low-pressure boiler […]

Sinks production

Design and manufacturing of machineries for stainless steel sinks production: Automatic CNC seam welding machines for welding of bowls on sink drainer Automatic CNC grinding machines of welding cord with single or double grinding belt Automatic CNC polishing machines of bowls (radius, bottom, walls, etc…) Automatic CNC polishing machines of sink top Miniplasma welding machines […]

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