Special Machine for Industrial Automation

About us

The Company Apes was founded in 1984 for the will of its founder Luciano Rossi.

The corporate mission underlying its constitution is to serve as a valid reference point for all industrial realities that aim to revolutionize their production process, maximizing the quality of finished products and overcoming their management costs.

Always alongside the industries, therefore, Apes welcomes the different needs expressed by customers and, after careful assessment of the case, always succeeds in proposing the most technologically decisive idea.

Thanks to the proven expertise and continuous professional upgrading of our staff, we are able to design and implement innovative industrial automation systems and special industrial machinery capable of responding to any kind of need.

Our areas of production are diverse but, in particular, Apes is a true reference point for the industries operating in the production of:

  • steel, stainless steel and carbon sinks for domestic or professional use;
  • boilers, electric water-heaters;
  • muffle electric ovens, gas and microwave ovens;
  • dishwasher;
  • washing machines;
  • suction hoods for kitchens.

In order to guarantee our customers the best result in terms of production, Apes proposes the design and manufacture of entire production lines or robotized islands.

Industrial plants can be automatic, semi-automatic or manual depending on the specific needs of the customer and on the consequent production needs.

Apes: the brand to be chosen for the top in the field of expertise.

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