Written by APES | Automazioni industriali | Padova on September 4, 2013 in Products

To satisfy the different Costumer’s requests, Apes designs and realizes even machineries for many various production sectors.

Among them, we can list:

  •  Robotized cells for air-conditioners production, etc.
  • Automatic lines for production of whasing-machines drums
  • Cells for production of stainless steel dish-washing machines
  • Automatic lines for fans production
  • Cells for assembling and welding of kitchens suction-hoods
  • Automatic transfer for press serving, parts loading/unloading and different metal sheet working (for example metal sheets lubification, etc.).

Giving the technical specification of the product, Apes is able to develop the most suitable solution for the Customer’s requirements, always with professionally, flexibility and technology vanguard.