Written by APES | Automazioni industriali | Padova on September 6, 2013 in News

High quality of our systems and industrial automation of your productions: two concepts that are the basis of our business offerings, enabling our customers to achieve, in the face of a rather small initial investment, a significant economic and financial savings in the optimization of the productive process.

We have always worked alongside the industry, encouraging regular production processes and finding the right resolution for every individual need.

Especially we are specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality industrial
automation systems.
In order to respond in the most appropriate way to your needs, in fact, we can realize
robotized islands or real automatic production lines.

Finally, in order to fulfill your every need, we can contemplate the automation of the whole process, that is to say, some manual procedures with semi-automatic industrial automation systems.

In the large industrial sector, Apes also blends the needs of companies operating in the production and sale of electric, gas, microwave furnaces, made of steel, stainless steel and carbon.

Specifically, we specialize in:

bending or formation of the muffle body;
• pointing or rolls welding of the muffle body on its bottom or frontally;
• front flanging of the muffle;
• automatic transfers.

Apart from the specific machinery, Apes also places expertise in customer service, designing and manufacturing specialty machineries on customer specification.

industrial automation systems, tailor-made.