Written by APES | Automazioni industriali | Padova on September 6, 2013 in News

Among the countless proposals of industrial automation systems that animate our specific industry market, the automated production lines and robotized islands designed by Apes are surely the most innovative technology solutions available on the market today.

Thanks to the high technology that characterizes our systems, you can improve the quality of your production cycles, minimizing time-consuming and significantly reducing the use of specialized personnel.

Our industrial machineries are made using the sensational advantages offered by the latest generation technology and are able to guarantee to any of our customer the automation level desired.

Among the productive sectors in which the Apes brand can always make a difference, we refer to the production of steel, stainless steel or carbon steel boilers, made up of 2 or 3 pieces.

In this specific context, Apes puts itself in the service of the customer, proposing a series of industrial machinery specializing in the realization of:

• different welding (longitudinal welding of the miniplasm virola, mig or resistance, welding of the id-hook or tubes on the virola or on cap, circumferential welding of the boiler at Mig or miniplasma);
• outer shell assembly;
• pipe punching on virola or on cap;
• assemblies of the caps on the virola and any other type of production process.

automation systems can be precious rings of automatic production lines or they can be used for the production of single robotized islands.

Regardless of the customer’s specific needs, however, in every stage of design and realization of
industrial automation systems, our customer’s needs will be heard and met with competent professionalism.

In Apes you can always count on the valuable support provided by a team of experienced technicians and, in every situation, always find the quality of our brand, the long-term solution researched.

Industrial automation systems to revolutionize the concept of production.