Written by APES | Automazioni industriali | Padova on September 6, 2013 in News

Automated production lines, designed and built by our company, allow us to optimize every production process by allowing our customers to achieve a significant saving in terms of workforce and to keep the quantity of finished products constant.

The multi-year experience gained in the field of expertise enables us to operate in full respect of the customer’s needs and to provide every business reality the right answer to the growing market expectations.

In an increasingly complex economic landscape, the industry is faced with many difficulties, and the optimization of processing processes is the best way to contain production costs while maintaining the amount of goods produced.

Our automatic production lines can guarantee:
• Automatic management of any type of production process;
• Manual or semi-automatic loading and unloading of details.

One of the Apes specialization sectors is certainly that of the production of sinks
Our expertise allows us to provide customers with robotized islands and special machinery designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Among the special machinery for the sink industry, Apes provides:
• Automatic CNC roller welding machines for welding pans on the sink floor;
• automatic CNC brushes for the radius, bottom and wall of the tanks;
• automatic CNC brushes for the sink floor;
• Miniplasm welder for the support angles of the sink and for the 10-15mm bead angles and many other useful machinery in the production of domestic and professional kitchen sinks.

The latest generation technologies that have always supported our operations, together with the professionalism of our highly selected staff, are the key elements that have allowed our brand to stand out on the market, affirming its presence on the much wider foreign market.

Our thirty years of experience in the specific industry of welding and industrial automation makes Apes the best choice among industrial automation companies.
Apes: the choice to do to optimize production.